Throughout the season Seven Bridges offers several club events.
These tournaments are open to the public and anyone can participate!

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11th Annual Spring Scramble
Sunday, April 8th, 9:30am Shotgun

Championship Flight Winner (57):
Stephen Watson, Neel Vaidya, Mike Henry, and Brandon Rowatt

Championship Flight Runner-Up (58):
James Carroll, Brian Hennessy, Curtis Malm, and John Nolan

A Flight Winner (65):
Jake Lowery, Eric Sier, Marc Morrisey, and Matthew Soria

A Flight Runner-Up (65):
Kevin Shields, Connor Shields, Pat McMahon, and Shane McMahon

6th Annual Stogies & Bogies
Thursday, May 31st, 2:00pm Shotgun

Champion (62):
Ron Bova, Andrew Bova, Erik Anderson, David James

Runner-Up (63*):
James Carroll, Brian Hennessy, Jeff Sassano, Lou Johanne

Inaugural Ryder Cup Tournament
Sunday, July 1st, 12:00pm Tee Times

Championship Flight Winner (66):
Ron Bova & Erik Anderson

Championship Flight Runner-Up (70):
Tom Burke, Jr. & Tom Zienkiewicz

A Flight Winner (80):
Jordan Brooks & Brian Bacik

A Flight Runner-Up (81):
Jim Rinker & Bill McCarthy

5th Annual Spirits Showcase
Thursday, August 9th, 4:30pm Shotgun (9 Holes)

Champion (27):
Ed Doyle, Colin Doyle, Kevin Doyle, Bill Walsh

Runner-Up (30):
Garth Benson, Mark Cieplik, Doug Chang

Stogies & Bogies 9-Hole Scramble
Wednesday, September 5th, 4:30pm Shotgun (9 Holes)

Champion (31):

Nick Rotunno, Chris Trenn, Tom Picchitti, Zach King

Runner-Up (32):
Ken Heath, Dana, John Drake, Jeff Dillazou

5th Annual Oktoberfest Golf Classic
Friday, October 12th, 12:30pm Shotgun

Champion (58):
Joe Howard, John Wantiez, Nick Chilcznowski, Dan Wagner

Runner-Up (63):
Chad Twdrow, Joel Willhalm, Scott Styczynski, Mike Smith

14th Annual Turkey Shoot
Sunday, November 11th, 9:00am Shotgun
*Field will be limited to first 36 teams to register*
Click here for details and registration info